Introducing our Investment Team: Oliver Hackel


Name: Oliver Hackel

Position: Senior Investment Strategist

With Kaiser Partner since: February 2020


How I most prefer to spend my leisure time: pedaling my road bike

Favorite book: The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

Favorite food: a refreshing (Swiss) apple

Early riser or night owl? I tend to be more of a night owl.


What enthuses you the most about working for Kaiser Partner?

Trust, (mutual) support, autonomy and personal responsibility, flexibility, and consideration for personal circumstances – all of these points are writ large at Kaiser Partner and aren’t just empty phrases. The bank is small but excellent. So, my range of duties is comparatively wide and varied, which doesn’t just bring diversity to my work, but also gives me the possibility to constantly expand my knowledge and further refine my skills. I additionally very much appreciate the short (decision-making) routes to my line managers, other teams and even the CEO of the bank.


What does your typical workday look like?

From macroeconomic and (geo)political developments and the performance of different asset classes to corporate news and societal developments – my work constantly requires me to stay up to speed on all of these subjects, so I accordingly devote several hours a day to following various news channels, doing research and, first and foremost, forming opinions. I usually spread those activities over several time slots each day. Apart from that, I hardly have a set daily routine. But writing articles and creating content for our flagship publication Monthly Market Monitor, our investment blog and other media are recurring (and almost daily) elements of my work. On top of that, I am a member on a number of different teams of experts and collaborate in discussing and analyzing tactical and strategic investment matters and investment products. Additional projects in the areas of private markets and sustainability, for example, round out my work activities.


What tip do you have for investors?

I would like to give (novice) investors two maxims to take with them. First, never put all of your eggs in one basket. And second, chasing returns leads to the poorhouse. Whoever wants to invest on the financial markets should therefore always diversify his or her investments across different asset classes, securities and products and should stick to the (strategic) asset allocation that best suits his or her personal investment objectives. This promises the greatest prosperity over the long run. Whoever seeks entertainment on the markets should set aside some “gambling money” that he or she can afford to lose without losing any sleep over it.


What’s your favorite way to start the day?

Nothing beats a good cup of coffee 😊.

Oliver Hackel
Oliver Hackel
Senior Investment Strategist

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