Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG awarded for its commitment to innovation

LONDON – The renowned British magazine World Finance awarded Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG once again Best Private Bank Liechtenstein. The financial institutions named in its 2020 Banking Awards “have all proven themselves to be among the most innovative players in their industry, expertly deploying technology to cope with the disruption caused by the pandemic”, the magazine claims.


The awards acknowledge banks that have embraced open banking and collaborations as well as institutions that are embracing technological innovation and prioritizing customer satisfaction in this tumultuous year according to a release of the magazine.

“We are thrilled about this international recognition of our efforts in recent years. It shows that the focus on digital, innovative solutions is not just a choice but necessary in order to be a reliable and future-proof partner and advisor for our clients”, states Christian Reich, CEO of Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG.

In addition, one Kaiser Partner Privatbank affiliate also has reason to celebrate: Kaiser Partner Wealth Advisors was named Best Multi-Client Family Office.

More information on Kaiser Partner Privatbank’s individually tailored solutions and services can be found here.


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