Investment Solutions

Individual Orientation, Global Focus

Developing a Strategy

The Path to Individual Wealth Management

You know what you want from life and you follow your own goals. You have been shaped by your family background and by your experience. And you know what values mean most to you. That’s why everyone is unique; everyone has a complex personality.

The way we look at it, sustainably protecting and growing wealth should not stand in contradiction to your conception of yourself and your life. When we develop your investment strategy, we center it on a comprehensive analysis of your needs and values.

At the same time, our investment solutions have to take account of the big picture. How are the markets doing? What factors are driving global change, and how can you benefit from this as an investor? In a world full of risks and opportunities, it’s important to anticipate trends early, so you can be sure your assets are standing on the right side of change.

Both perspectives are key to the development of effective investment solutions.


How our Independence Benefits You

Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG has consciously decided not to launch its own investment funds or similar products. And our advisors do not receive commissions or other kick-backs for the sale of specific products. The advantage for you is that your portfolio at Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG is based exclusively on investments that accord with your goals and requirements. “Best-in-class” is not just an empty phrase; it is a clear method for developing your individual investment mix.

Invest Better – with Certainty

When is an investment successful? The answer may differ according to your specific aims. The following questions demonstrate how important transparency is to the success of your investments. Are the costs of your portfolio unclear? Do some of the investments in your portfolio contradict your values and standards? Do your investments carry any unforeseen tax implications?

Service Profile

Three Ways of Using Our Expertise

At the heart of wealth management at Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG lie three service profiles, which you can personalize to suit your requirements.

Execution Only

You are an active investor. We execute trades for you following your instructions or those of your authorized representative.

Discretionary Asset Management

Your asset management mandate is based on a jointly developed asset management strategy. The goals, values and requirements set out in this strategy guide our day-to-day activity. We regularly check compliance with the parameters you have set and report back to you at least once a year.


You always stay up to date with how your investments are performing and you want close involvement in investment decisions. Your relationship manager and the investment experts at Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG work closely with you.


Better Informed, Better Invested

We help to shine a light on your portfolio; in cooperation with the independent experts at Kaiser Partner Reporting Services AG, we can offer you a check-up for your bankable assets, for example. This provides simple, easy-to-understand answers to precisely these questions. For further information about reporting and controlling services, please visit the Kaiser Partner Reporting Services AG website.

Roman Pfranger
Member of the Executive Board, Head Private Banking

Investment News


In a time of global change, you have to be very well informed if you want to be on the right side of this change. The experts at our Investment Competence Center provide you with regular updates about significant events and trends.

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