Actively Managed Certificates (AMC)

A Simple Approach to a Tailor Made Investment Index

Bankable Assets

Bankable Assets – Turn your top-assets into a single, tradable security

Navigating today’s intricate investment landscape requires a sophisticated approach that balances the expertise of active management with the convenience and transparency of exchange-traded securities. Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) offer a compelling solution that enables investors to achieve their financial goals with great precision, tailor made solutions and a quick and easy setup.

We at Kaiser Partner Privatbank can be your partner for this innovative solution.

Key benefits of Actively Managed Certificates

  • You are in Control: You define the strategy and the asset allocation within your AMC according to the index strategy defined at the setup of your index.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Enjoy the flexibility to trade AMCs seamlessly on exchanges, allowing you to adjust your portfolio promptly and capitalize on market opportunities.
  • ISIN: You decide whether the AMC is issued with a CH or a DE ISIN, making it tradable in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and all of the European Union.
  • Transparent Structure: Gain access to the daily net asset value and comprehensive information on the underlying assets and investment strategies, fostering informed decision-making.
  • Diversified Investment Opportunities: Tap into a wide range of asset classes, including equities, bonds, commodities, and alternative investments, to diversify your portfolio and mitigate risk.
  • Quick Setup and Low Hurdles: Compared to other investment products, AMCs are very quick and efficient in their setup and offer great flexibility after the launch.
  • Our AMC management partner is a highly rated, Swiss-regulated, and internationally recognized financial institution that offers you the highest possible level of security.

Non-Bankable Assets

Non-Bankable Assets – Turn any investment idea into a bankable security

Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) offer a flexible and efficient way to access a wide range of assets, including non-bankable assets such as real estate, loans and others that are illiquid and cannot be traded on an exchange. As a trusted and established paying agent, Kaiser Partner Privatbank can help you streamline the investment process.

Key Benefits of Investing in Non-Bankable Assets through AMCs

  • Enables portfolio managers and investment advisors to develop customized strategies.
  • Convert any type of asset into a bankable security with an own ISIN.
  • Fast time to market at a competitive pricing.
  • Accepted in the market, good access and highly valued by customers.
  • Increase loyalty through offering new ways to assetize previously “non-bankable” assets.

Elevate and Customize Your Wealth Management Strategy

Our AMCs allow you to define your own index strategy with a very high degree of freedom and a minimum investment amount of CHF 5 million – a truly customized solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs. With AMCs, you are able to implement your own portfolio strategy while enjoying the accessibility and transparency of exchange-traded securities.


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