Depotbank Kaiser Partner
Depotbank Kaiser Partner

Custodian Bank Services by Kaiser Partner Privatbank: fast, flexible, direct.

Through our custodian bank services, we have been successfully focusing our business on cooperation with independent asset managers for years. And we want you to be an equal partner. So, we tailor our business to suit all your needs. That is:


  • We are fast: Whether it’s onboarding, opening client accounts or solving everyday problems.
  • We are flexible: As a custodian bank, we respond to your needs instead of just telling you what you need.
  • We are direct: We prefer to talk to you in person right from the beginning. You can find your two direct contacts, Hermann Neusüss and Rainer Nachbauer, below.


We take pride in being a “smart” bank…

  • We do not have call centers or impersonal teams of consultants, but a personal advisor for each client who understands you and speaks the same language as you do..
  • The “bigger” a bank becomes, the “smaller” its clients become and are treated accordingly. Our goal as a custodian bank is therefore not to expand but to grow – together with you.
  • It’s not just us but our business location is modest as well. We are very well connected within Liechtenstein, which is why we do not have to learn about relevant developments from the newspapers. This also benefits you and your clients with us.

… we are however not “small”:

  • Our bank is excellently capitalized and has been family-owned since its foundation. This makes us a solid partner you can rely on in the long term.
  • We have an excellent infrastructure, so you can count not only on our speed but also on the efficiency of our electronic aids (e.g. with e-banking tailored to independent asset managers).
  • We are well acquainted with the high demands of an international wealthy clientele and are particularly capable of providing full support to your US clients.

We have a comprehensive banking license in Liechtenstein already since 1999. Thanks to our location in the European Economic Area EEA – and in particular, our full compliance with MiFID II – we have unrestricted access to all EU markets, which enables us to work with you without any regulatory barriers.

Liechtenstein uses the Swiss franc as its official currency, is one of the last countries in the world to be free of national debt, and possesses a AAA rating. Our strong capital base, combined with our cautious approach to lending, guarantees outstanding stability and security for our clients and partners.

If you have read this far, there is a high chance that we’re a good match. We would like to get to know you personally:

Hermann Neusüss
Hermann Neusüss
Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Banking for Professionals
Rainer Nachbauer
Rainer Nachbauer
Head Banking for Professionals & Securitizations

Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG knows the needs of independent asset managers and has been a reliable custodian bank for the management of client assets for many years.

We price our services transparently and competitively.