Terms of use / Disclaimer

  1. General information

    By accessing the website, social-media profiles, mobile apps, or other applications (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Bank’s Digital Services” or “BDS”) of Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG or any of its affiliates (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Bank”) you acknowledge the content and agree that the terms of this disclaimer are legally binding.

    The Bank reviews and updates information available on the BDS on an ongoing basis without being obliged to do so. Despite that and despite exercising all due diligence, information and data may change in the meantime. The Bank, therefore, does not assume any liability as to the accuracy, actuality, and completeness of information provided/available on the BDS.

    The Bank is authorized to change this disclaimer and any other information and data available through the BDS without prior notice.

  2. Access and Restrictions on Use

    The BDS and the content (services, products, etc.) provided therein are not intended for you if you are – due to your nationality, your domicile, or any other reason – subject to laws or provisions prohibiting that such information is published or made available to you. We explicitly point out that you are obligated to adhere to all and any provisions applicable to you.

  3. No Offer

    All information provided on the BDS is intended for information purposes only. Such information must not be construed as any form of promotion, recommendation, offer or solicitation to buy or sell financial instruments, transact any business, use financial services, or enter into any other legal transactions. Moreover, such information does not constitute, nor is it intended to provide or be construed as, any form of legal, tax, financial, or other advice. This is particularly applicable for persons with US nationality or domicile.

  4. No warranty

    Information and data provided or made available on the BDS originate from sources deemed reliable by the Bank. However, the Bank makes no representation or warranty, whether express or implied, that these information or data are current, correct, complete, or accurate. Moreover, the Bank does not warrant that the BDS will be free of viruses or errors or be available at any time.

  5. No Liability

    The Bank and its executive officers, employees, agents, and cooperation partners exclude, as far as legally possible, any liability for any direct, indirect, or consequential loss or damage, costs, claims, liabilities, or any other damage of whatever nature and on whatever legal basis that may result from or be suffered due to the use of the BDS.

  6. Intellectual Property

    The Bank, or the relevant rights holder, owns and retains all rights, interest, and title (including all copyrights, trademarks, and patents) in, to, and arising from all data, information, and content available on the BDS. Individual pages or sections of the BDS may only be used or printed out for private purposes, having regard to copyright and other intellectual-property notices. No pages, sections of pages, texts, images, clips, or databases, etc., may be processed; this means, in particular, copied, presented, reproduced, duplicated, distributed, published, or otherwise used for professional, commercial, or public purposes, without the express prior consent of the Bank.

  7. Links

    The BDS may contain links to third-party websites, mobile apps, etc., or content provided by third parties. The Bank has no control over such websites, mobile apps, or content and accepts no responsibility or warranty in respect thereof. The Bank makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, accuracy, currency, or reliability of such websites, mobile apps, and content, and, accordingly, cannot be held liable in respect thereof.

  8. Data Protection

    The Bank complies with data protection requirements within its sphere of control. However, the Bank draws your attention to the fact that universally accessible media, such as the BDS, may not be fully protected or confidential even if appropriate technical and organizational measures have been implemented. Where a computer, cell phone, or other device is used to transfer information online, personal information may, owing to the inherent design of the Internet, inadvertently be transferred through other countries, even if the sender and recipient are located in the same country. In addition, it cannot be excluded that third parties may also gain access to such data and infer, on this basis, that a business relationship exists between you and the Bank.

    The Bank recommends that particularly sensitive information and data, including, but not limited to, personal data and account data, should only be sent through secure communication channels. If you enter and/or transfer personal or business information through the BDS, you acknowledge that you are doing so voluntarily, are fully aware of the associated risks, and are willing to accept that the information will not be secure.

  9. Collection of Data

    The Bank complies with all applicable legislation and rules regarding the handling of personal data. Handling means any dealing with data, particularly collecting, storing, using, adapting, providing/making available, archiving, or destroying.

    The Bank will analyze your visits to and your use of the BDS, respectively. We will perform such analyses ourselves or use the expertise, tools, or analytical services of third parties, either within or outside Liechtenstein (e.g. Google Analytics). For the purpose of analyzing your visits/use of the BDS, the Bank may use cookies.

    The Bank will only use data recorded through your use of the BDS, any analytical reports generated, and your personal data specifically for the purposes of:

    • Technical management, research, and making enhancements to the BDS
    • Client and user administration
    • Marketing,
    • Information regarding the Bank’s products and services
    • Any other purposes specified

    Any data collected or processed will be stored on secure servers either within or outside Liechtenstein.

  10. Disclosure of Data and Declaration of Consent

    The Bank will provide or make available such data to third parties in accordance with legal or regulatory requirements (vis-à-vis its supervisory authority, other authorities or courts, etc.) or when contractually obligated (vis-à-vis agents, cooperation partners, etc.).

    With your use of the BDS, you explicitly consent to the aforementioned handling of your data by the Bank and any third parties, and, simultaneously, you discharge the Bank and any third parties from adhering to any related confidentiality obligations.

  11.  Severability

    If specific provisions or parts of this disclaimer are or become invalid, unlawful, void, or unenforceable under any legal system that may apply, such provisions or parts will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions hereof.

  12. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction

    Any disputes arising out of or in connection with the use of the BDS and this disclaimer are governed by and construed exclusively in accordance with Liechtenstein law. Vaduz, Liechtenstein, is the exclusive place of jurisdiction.

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