Partner for Intermediaries

Solutions for Funds and Asset Managers

The Challenge

Great responsibility, great demands – if you manage assets professionally for other people, you need a reliable business partner. Independent asset managers and trust manager have been putting their trust in Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG for decades.


Individual Solutions

As an advisor, you want to devote as much time as possible to your clients – to personal contact with them and to developing new insights for and about them. So, it’s good to know you have a partner by your side that has got your back and understands your situation. Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG knows what asset managers need and is a longstanding, reliable partner for client asset management.


Professional Trading Hub

As a custodian bank for your (Liechtenstein or foreign) fund, we offer comprehensive banking services. Since we are independent and have no fund products of our own, our business relationships are characterized by a collaborative partnership. Working closely with your personal relationship manager, we process your requests quickly and efficiently.


ESG solutions for asset managers

In the investment process, sustainability criteria are not only becoming more and more important to many clients; regulatory pressure is also increasing for all financial service providers. To enable you to advise your clients optimally in this area as well, we put our many years of expertise in the field of environmental, sustainable, and governance (ESG) criteria at your disposal, offering a variety of solutions that are geared to your very specific needs.


Securitization Solutions

Securitization opens up new opportunities for asset managers, family offices, and investors. We support you with our proven services (paying agent and various administrative services) to finance your new investment or by making it possible to trade existing assets (with ISIN/securities numbers).


Secure data flow for asset managers

To ensure you as asset manager have all the information you need for your clients, we have developed a dedicated system for a secure data flow. Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG’s Electronic Data Delivery is a service particularly dedicated to external asset managers – to increase efficiency and to improve the overview on documentation while providing the utmost level of security.



We prefer talking to you in person, contact us today.

Hermann Neusüss
Hermann Neusüss
Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Banking for Professionals
Rainer Nachbauer
Rainer Nachbauer
Head Banking for Professionals & Securitizations

Gaining Deeper Insight

We offer comprehensive reporting and controlling services for managing your client assets. For more complex overviews and insights we work with Kaiser Partner Reporting AG.

Investment News


In a time of global change, you have to be very well informed if you want to be on the right side. Our investment experts provide you with regular updates about significant events and trends.

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