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Solutions for Funds and Asset Managers

The Challenge

Great responsibility, great demands – if you manage assets professionally for other people, you need a reliable business partner. Independent asset managers and investment funds have been putting their trust in Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG for decades.

Independent Asset Managers

As an advisor, you want to devote as much time as possible to your clients – to personal contact with them and to developing new insights for and about them. So it’s good to know you have a partner by your side that has got your back and understands your situation. Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG knows what asset managers need and is a longstanding, reliable partner for client asset management. We price our services transparently and competitively, based on the client assets you bring in.

Independent and Modern

As a family-owned institution, Kaiser Partner Privatbank makes its business decisions independently. Protecting and developing wealth sustainably lies at the heart of our business. This means that we don’t, for example, enter into any lending or speculation that could jeopardize client assets. Clients that use us as a custodian bank always appreciate our efficient structures and our flexibility, and we have a rapid on-boarding process for new clients. Every client has a personal relationship manager who knows their situation and who can work on their concerns and requests reliably and quickly.

You can use our online banking platform to manage your client assets. This gives you access to individual assets, and provides special dashboards and functionalities tailored to your needs.

Invest in an International Environment

As a Liechtenstein institution, we operate from the European Economic Area (EEA), so we have excellent access to the European internal market, one of the world’s most important economic regions. Thanks to the currency union between the two countries, the Principality of Liechtenstein is also closely connected to Switzerland, and benefits from the stability of the Swiss franc. Working with Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG, you can take advantage of this unique combination to the benefit of your clients.

We also have many years of experience dealing with SEC-registered investment advisers and institutions that qualify for Foreign Private Adviser Exemption. By utilizing this expertise, you can serve your clients as an asset manager even in this complex regulatory environment.

Reporting and Controlling

Gaining Deeper Insight

We offer comprehensive reporting and controlling services for managing your client assets. For more complex overviews and insights we work with Kaiser Partner Reporting AG. Independent experts will, for example, analyze detailed portfolios for you and your clients, check compliance investment rules and consolidate complex assets (including non-bankable assets such as companies, property or art) into a single overview. They can also produce asset statements that meet the requirements of local tax authorities. And if anyone needs advice on tax issues, we’d be glad to put them in touch with the relevant experts in our network.

Service Provider for Fund Managers

Professional Trading Hub

For historical reasons, Liechtenstein based funds often use our expertise as a service provider for fund managers. Specifically, we act as a custodian bank and offer comprehensive banking services. We are very flexible about the precise set-up. Thanks to Liechtenstein’s international integration as a financial center, and to Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG’s excellent network of contacts, we are increasingly working for funds based in other countries.

As an independent, family-owned institution, our business relationships are built on partnership and cooperation. Working closely with your personal relationship manager, we process your requests quickly and efficiently. Whatever you need, we can provide you with flexible, solution-oriented support.

Hermann Neusüss
Member of the Executive Board, Banking for Professionals

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