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Why securitization?

In general terms, a securitization allows you to transform (usually illiquid) assets into securities that can be traded. It is an instrument that is particularly suitable for two purposes:

1) Consolidating a pool of assets (especially assets that are not readily tradable) and offering the entire portfolio to investors

2) Funding an investment by raising capital together with other investors

A well-known way to achieve the first purpose is securitization of mortgage loans, as institutional lenders (such as commercial banks, insurance companies, or pension funds) can do this to remove items from their balance sheets and thus reduce their credit risks; investors, in turn, find such securities to be an interesting investment, as they allow them to invest in a diversified portfolio with an attractive return.

An example of the second purpose is the financing of large investments with a bond, which allows the initiator of the securitization to receive additional capital for the investment while the providers of the capital benefit from an attractive return. Kaiser Partner Privatbank does most of its securitization business in the area of bonds.


How we can help you

Because securitizations are associated with relatively complex issues, professional structuring and guidance are crucial.

Kaiser Partner Privatbank would be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice if you wish to undertake a new securitization or to professionalize an existing one. We offer the following services for securitizations in the form of bonds in particular:

  • Paying agent: As the paying agent, we handle all payments to investors, especially interest payments and repayment when the bond reaches maturity. Our efficient processes and comprehensive supervision as a Liechtenstein bank as well as our independence ensure fast, fair, and secure service for everyone involved, engendering a high level of trust and confidence among your investors.
  • Electronic securities: As a bank, we are able to issue the shares in the special purpose vehicle (SPV) or the bonds as electronic securities and, in particular, to provide them with an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN). This allows investors to have their investment safely held at a bank of their choice and also lays the foundation for listing the security on a stock exchange or trading the security on another trading venue if required.
  • Corporate actions: We ensure correct handling of all securities-related events and, in the case of bonds, also ensure that proper procedures are followed upon maturity. On this basis, everything is taken care of for you and investors are provided with the necessary security at all times.

If you have any additional concerns, we would be happy to speak with you directly and at no obligation in order to find a flexible, tailored solution. Our fees generally depend on volume, and we would be happy to provide you with further information in person.


Why Kaiser Partner Privatbank?

As a credit institution, our bank is subject to comprehensive supervision by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA). We have a very significant level of equity financing and enjoy a high degree of independence as a family business.

As a service provider for securitizations, we distinguish ourselves through our experience as well by the fact that we limit our role to that of paying agent and coordinator between the parties involved. This allows us to effectively exclude the possibility of conflicts of interest while also keeping us from competing with other service providers such as lawyers who carry out the actual structuring.


More information:


Do not hesitate to contact us directly – even if you are not yet sure whether securitization is the right instrument for you. We would love to get to know you better in person:


Rainer Nachbauer
Head Banking for Professionals
Elodie Hasler
Client Advisor Banking for Professionals

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