In times of rapid and fundamental change, our investment strategies help navigate your assets on the right side of global change.


Client assets under management CHF 5.7 billion

Tier -1 core capital ratio 20%

80 Employees



Established 1977


The best expertise around the table

Your wealth is made up of more than just the liquid means held at your bank. It also includes business assets, real estate, jewelry, collectibles, etc. Holistic asset and inheritance planning require a more comprehensive approach that gathers a number of different experts around the table.

To realize this approach for wealthy individuals and their families in an efficient way, our partner organization Kaiser Partner wealth advisory has introduced the Wealth Table. Together with other partners, Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG participates as an independent expert. All these wealth partners, therefore, follow the same goals and interests for a holistic approach in all questions around your wealth.


Your Experts in Sustainable Banking

Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG deploys experts who are specialized in various areas. Find your contact partner, or information about our company’s managers.


Making a difference

Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG was the first bank in Liechtenstein to sign the Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB) in 2019. The Principles, an initiative of the UNEP FI, provide the framework for a sustainable banking system and help the industry to demonstrate its positive contribution to society.

For further information, please visit the PRB website.


Committed to Sustainable Investment

Since 2009 Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG is one of the signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). This initiative was launched by investors in partnership with the United Nations.

For further information please visit the PRI Association website.


Investment News


In a time of global change, you have to be very well informed if you want to be on the right side of this change. The experts at our Investment Competence Center provide you with regular updates about significant events and trends.

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