Stay connected with our secure data flow

Stay connected with our secure data flow

If you manage assets professionally for other people, you need reliable, up-to-date and readily available information.  To stay connected in today’s world, globe-spanning digital communication is key.

To support your daily tasks for your clients with all the necessary documentation while providing the utmost level of security, Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG has developed a dedicated system for a secure data flow.

Connect and download directly from Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG

  • Retrieve transaction data and advices automatically
  • Facilitate the transfer of transaction data to your own portfolio management system
  • Lower the number of manual entries

The Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG’s Electronic Data Delivery (EDD) is a service particularly dedicated to external asset managers (EAMs). The EDD aims to support external asset managers by optimizing the quality of the data transfer to their own systems and allowing them to provide faster solutions for their clients.


Your Benefits

Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG’s established EDD tool allows external asset managers to use a targeted approach to develop wealth. This means for you:

Increased efficiency

  • Portfolio positions and transactions listed in an automated data feed
  • Fewer administrative burdens thanks to automation
  • More time for direct client support

Lower risk

  • Fewer mistakes thanks to reduced manual processing
  • Optimization of decision-making processes

Improved overview

  • Quick analysis of the client’s portfolio
  • Easy processing of client data
  • Overview of the client’s portfolio


A Wide Range of Data

Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG is able to provide you with a number of informational sources such as exchange rates, asset prices (for securities), positions, transactions, transaction details and cash bookings.

The data feed contains information as of the previous booking day according to the granularity available in the banking system.

Provided format

  • EAM advice and statements are formatted as standard PDF/A files.
  • The generated output can be delivered using the same SFTP stream provided by Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG.


Stay connected with our secure data flowStay connected with our secure data flow

More details about the Electronic Data Delivery and its informational sources can be found in our factsheet.


We are here for you

You would like to know more about our Electronic Data Delivery service? Please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


Hermann Neusüss
Hermann Neusüss
Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Banking for Professionals
Rainer Nachbauer
Rainer Nachbauer
Head Banking for Professionals & Securitizations

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