Information and Guidance

Subsequently, you will be provided with information regarding the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II).

MiFID II intends to create a stable foundation for actions within and on the European financial markets and to foster market stability for all market participants. This implicates various advantages for you as an investor and client of Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG, in particular:

Investor as the benchmark

Your personal situation is in the center of our investment activities. Your investor profile encompasses your knowledge and experience, your investment goals and your readiness to assume risks. This, your individual investor profile, will always be our benchmark to assess the suitability or appropriateness of financial instruments for you – whether when providing investment advisory, asset management or other investment services.

Transparency in investment activities

MiFID II strives to provide clients with a high level of transparency regarding investment services and products. Therefore, each financial service provider will disclose information to their clients, for example regarding service provisions, costs, or related risks.

More stable financial markets

The new provisions aim for more resilient and transparent financial markets. This leads to a stronger protection for you and your wealth as well as to a higher quality of investment services provided to you.

Next Steps

MiFID II – an ongoing process

Following MiFID II, we will continuously review, whether the protective measures regarding your invested wealth matches your individual protection requirements. We will inform you about how the financial products are suitable or appropriate. If necessary or sensible, we will discuss with you how investment may better be aligned with your needs. In this process, we’re also dependent on your help: Please tell us about changes in your life, that alter your personal situation as soon as they occur.

Downsides of being “upgraded”

Banks are required to classify their clients into one of three categories.

We will classify you according to statutory criteria. The classification has major consequences for the level of protection, which benefits you in securities transactions. Non-professional clients enjoy the highest level of protection according to MiFID II. Therefore, investment firms and banks are obliged to inform, make aware and explain such clients more than any other. In addition, non-professional clients are not allowed to invest in products classified as complex. Such products are reserved for professional clients, for whom a significantly lower level of protection applies. Being aware of this difference regarding the level of protection, you should scrutinize ambitions of other financial service providers to encourage you to opt-up to a higher client class. Such an upgrade means always less protection for you.

At Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG, we value both, non-professional and professional clients. Therefore, we refrain from persuading clients to opt-up. To the contrary: we’d rather give you comfort by granting the highest level of protection to you. However, you are free to request a reclassification at any time. If you require such a reclassification (opt-up or opt-down), please contact your client advisor.

More information on MiFID II:

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