Monthly Market Monitor – February 2021

Our experts constantly monitor and evaluate developments in the economy and the financial markets. You can find insightful commentaries, in-depth analyses and forecasts on the economic situation every month in our publication, the “Monthly Market Monitor”.


In the latest issue, we focus on the following topics:

Economy: Stuttering start to vaccination drive

One hundred million vaccine doses have already been administered around the world since the beginning of the year. However, the vaccination campaigns are not running smoothly everywhere, so that the upturn in economic activity is being delayed in some places. But forbearance is not acquittance.

Asset allocation: Volatile start to the year

Equity markets started the new year in a comparatively volatile fashion, perhaps providing a foretaste of what the rest of 2021 may hold in store. The interplay between rich valuations, growing retail investor interest, copious central-bank liquidity and an upturn in economic activity looks poised to keep volatility running high.

Investing for everyone? Not without risks and side effects

Trading on the financial markets has become easily accessible to everyone these days. Public interest in the topic of investing surged once again in the year of the coronavirus. But the “democratization of investing” is not without risks and side effects.

The green wave is unstoppable

The sustainable investing theme has gained huge momentum that continues unabated. “Green” mutual funds are registering record-high net inflows of money, and institutional investors are increasingly integrating ESG aspects into their investment strategies. And government policymakers are also going green more than ever before.


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