Monthly Market Monitor – January 2021

Our experts constantly monitor and evaluate developments in the economy and the financial markets. You can find insightful commentaries, in-depth analyses and forecasts on the economic situation every month in our publication, the “Monthly Market Monitor”.


In the latest issue, we focus on the following topics:

Economy: Recovery not on the fast track

The recovery from the economic downturn after the Corona crisis will be more of a marathon than a sprint. But even if setbacks have to be planned for, the signs for 2021 point to growth.

Asset allocation: Positive signs

The Corona year 2020 came to a conciliatory end for investors. Intact upward trends and ample central bank liquidity also speak for a positive development at the beginning of the new year.

Empty shells sell well

SPACs are currently in vogue on Wall Street. The blank check funds enable companies to go public quickly and are usually a lucrative business for their founders. Investors, on the other hand, buy a pig in a poke and sometimes lose out.

Generation Sustainable

By 2030, an unprecedented generational shift in wealth is on the horizon. An upheaval that, according to numerous studies, will be one thing in particular, and that is sustainable.


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