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Advent season is always also a time for venturing a look ahead to the new year. The predictions that come from peering into the crystal ball often get overtaken by reality faster than one likes, particularly in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. Nevertheless, at the end of the year it’s helpful for an investor to have a rough roadmap in hand for the quarters ahead.

In the following five articles you will find all the details on the respective topic with the evaluations of our experts.


Macro: Tiptoeing back toward normalcy

Undulating coronavirus waves made 2021 an extremely challenging, practically unforecastable year for macroeconomists. At least a few things in the macro world should return to normal next year.

To the Outlook 2022 – Macro


Equities: Set sights lower, or to the moon?

Stock investors have been pampered by (very) high returns in recent years. Is it now time to set sights lower? Our equity outlook for 2022 provides information.

To the Outlook 2022 – Equities


Fixed Income: In search of interest-bearing alternatives

Government bonds this year were just ballast in investors’ portfolios. Their prospects for 2022 don’t look much better. So, it accordingly remains essential to resort to alternative interest-bearing instruments.

To the Outlook 2022 – Fixed Income



Alternative assets: (In)dispensable elements

The dearth of decent investment options in the fixed-income sector and ever-decreasing equity return expectations are causing alternative assets to continually gain importance. But not all alternatives are equally attractive.

To the Outlook 2022 – Alternative assets


Currencies: Where does the interest-rate advantage lead to?

The prospect of higher interest rates in the future strengthened the US dollar this year, but lots of advance praise is already priced into the greenback today. In order for the dollar to climb higher, the US Federal Reserve now has to deliver on rate hikes.

To the Outlook 2022 – Currencies


Oliver Hackel, CFA Senior Investment Strategist

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