Kaiser Partner Privatbank increases client assets and operating income

2017 was another good business year for Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG. According to its recently published Annual Report on the 2017 financial year, client assets on the operational side rose 7% to CHF 2.7 billion, while operating income was 3% up on the previous year. Despite considerable investment in IT and an increase in compliance requirements, Privatbank kept profit up at almost the prior-year level.

Annual Report of the Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG

The bank’s growth was boosted further by the acquisition, announced in December, of Bank Vontobel (Liechtenstein) AG. This increased Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG’s assets under management to around CHF 4 billion. At the same time, we agreed a cooperation deal with Bank Vontobel Schweiz that will help reinforce our institutional banking business in Liechtenstein.

You can find more details of Kaiser Partner Privatbank’s performance in the 2017 Annual Report

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