Monthly Market Monitor – December 2020

Our experts constantly monitor and evaluate developments in the economy and the financial markets. You can find insightful commentaries, in-depth analyses and forecasts on the economic situation every month in our publication, the “Monthly Market Monitor”.

In the latest issue, we focus on the following topics:

All eyes are looking ahead

Many people are eager to say goodbye and good riddance to the year of the coronavirus, which was an extraordinary one in many ways, so it’s good that 2021 is just around the corner. The year ahead promises to be much better, at least with regard to economic growth prospects. Base effects and pent-up demand effects alone are reason enough to anticipate a vibrant burst of growth next year.

Geopolitics remains relevant

Even though Donald Trump’s term as US president and his steady steam of tweets from the White House will soon be over, the global geopolitical situation remains a great challenge. The rivalry between the United States and China will continue under Joe Biden. Europeans, meanwhile, are also becoming increasingly critical toward the Middle Kingdom.

Stock prices (and investor sentiment) at highs

Thanks to the liquidity-driven rally on the equity markets, it appears that the impact that the year of the coronavirus had on investor portfolios ultimately won’t be as bad as feared. Although prognosticating return forecasts for 2021 is a popular pastime at the moment, as is customary at year-end, we are being cautious about making percentage-point projections for next year.


Also this month: “What does President Biden mean for the financial markets?” and green washing at fund companies in “Everything for a green label“.


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